LQCE - Chemistry, Pulp and Energy Lab

LQCE - Chemistry, Pulp and Energy Lab


The Chemistry, Pulp and Energy Lab – LQCE started its activities in the 1960s, as the first Brazilian lab dedicated to research and teaching in the field of ​​pulp and paper. The LQCE has its history closely linked to the history of the Brazilian pulp and paper segment and its contribution is related to the development of research activities but fundamentally to the formation of human resources with high and recognized skills, with positions in several companies and institutions in Brazil and abroad.


The Chemistry, Pulp and Energy Lab is dedicated to the excellent teaching, creation and application of knowledge and engagement with public and private partners, by uniting our strength in science and technology with a commitment to excellence in wood quality, pulping, forest products,bioenergy, biorefinery and bioproducts.


  • Strategies for maximizing yield in the pulping kraft process
  • Impact of basic density of eucalyptus wood on the efficiency of modified kraft pulping process.
  • Evaluation of the impact of the use of Pinus maximinoi on different blends with Pinus taeda and Eucalyptus spp.
  • Impact of reduction of sulfidity on modified kraft pulping.
  • Influence of sulfidity level on the quality of recovered kraft lignina.
  • Evaluation of the potential of kraft pulping additives.
  • Influence of eucalyptus wood basic density on conventional kraft pulping.



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